We want to make people of the world smile by providing the clean, safe, fresh and nutritious food.

InLoCo's employees share this same vision and put forth every effort to achieve it.

Careers at InLoCo.

You have unlimited potential.

Since the establishment of our Plant Factory No.1, InLoCo has been the leading company in Okinawa to provide a total solution in the field of urban hydroponics. InLoCo's projects encompass all aspects of our industry, such as business planning, plant factory system development and construction, plant production, and marketing. InLoCo is full of opportunities to heighten your current career and/or to find a career in a new direction. The plant factory business has rapidly been gaining its popularity in recent years. You will find yourself growing with the company in this exciting and rapidly expanding industry.

Culture at InLoCo.

Creating a delightful world for a brighter future starts with creating a delightful work place.

InLoCo believes better products and better customer care derive from the ideas and opinions of individuals.
InLoCo respects the insights of our employees, and focuses on creating a work environment where all employees can discuss freely and where employees are stimulated, and excited to do what they do.

Introduction of Employees

My goal is to develop cutting-edge food supply systems available to anyone anywhere in the world.

System Development

Spending my 20s in Alaska as a college student, I was genuinely shocked to see the tremendous impact human activities, such as conventional methods of agriculture, could have on wildlife and the natural environment.
As a student in the field of natural resources management, I realized how important it would be if we could supply our own fresh and nutritious food locally, year-round, in the severe polar environment while reducing the damage to the surrounding environment as much as possible. After being involved in the field of horticulture and controlled environment agriculture at the university and a local company which focuses on the utilization of geothermal energy, I decided to move on to expand my horizons and professional experience.InLoCo's cooperate philosophy strongly resonated with me, and I and decided to take a leap from very cold Alaska to tropical Okinawa. Now, I mainly oversee the development of our plant grow systems.
Working for InLoCo gives you an exciting platform where you can apply the knowledge you gain not only in the field of agriculture, but also from the wide variety of other disciplines our work involves.
We, all the employees with diverse backgrounds, enjoy discussing the potential of the plant factory from various angles, hoping that our system would be adopted all over the world someday.

Creativity x Agriculture:
InLoCo is at the forefront of the creation of a positive and bright future.


I was working as a creative director at an advertising firm in Tokyo before I started working at InLoCo. I was involved in the production of advertisements for a wide variety of industries, from the insurance industry, automotive manufacturers and dealers, the food industry, to the education industry, and so on.
After ten years at the advertising firm, I got involved in agriculture for a while. When moved to Okinawa, the burgeoning industry of the plant factory caught my interest, and I decided to join InLoCo.
As a designer, my main work involves building the company brand, establishing communication strategies, and designing promotional materials.
The attraction of working for InLoCo's is that each employee gives his/her 100% to create better products and customer service. Anyone can express their creativity here, and everybody works together to make those good ideas become reality. Such a creative atmosphere was not something I thought I could experience in the field of agriculture.

Recruitment Requirements

We are looking for people who can share and spread our cooperate philosophy, "Creating a delightful world for a brighter future".

Production and general affairs
Job functions include… Vegetable crop production, packaging, and sales
Required skills Enthusiam for vegetable production and sales, positive attitude
Job functions include… Sales and product promotion of plant factory facilities and plant-factory grown vegetables
Required skills Experience in marketing
Job functions include… Research and experimentation to improve and develop crop production methods and facilities
Required skills Experience in agriculture and horticulture
Job functions include… Designing plant factories in CAD
Required skills Experience in design and architecture, competency with CAD
System Engineer
Job functions include… Designing plant factory systems (Environment controlling and monitoring systems, sales management systems, etc).
Required skills Experience in system development and programming.
Salary / Treatment 150,000 ~ 250,000 yen / bonus (depending on job performance)
Location Mainly in Okinawa (other prefectures / overseas as necessary)
Welfare / Benefits Full social insurance provided
Shift / Days Off 2 days off / week
How to Apply

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Method 2. Sending via postal service:
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