InLoCo creates a delightful world

for the brighter future.

CEO's Greeting

"Creating a delightful world for a brighter future."

Internationally Local & Company (InLoCo) is an Okiwana-based company in Japan, expanding its agricultural business in three main areas; plant factory development and sales, franchise business, and factory vegetable production and sales.

We are committed to developing agricultural techniques and business strategis that can provide clean, safe, fresh, and nutritious vegetables year-round without any use of harmful chemicals, and to make such agricultural solutions available anywhere, to anyone.

Through our business, we truly wish to contribute to creating a brighter future by providing solutions to the looming problems of energy consumption and food production in the modern world.

Our corporate philosophy describes "a brighter future" that is not only for humans, but also for animals, plants, all other living organisms, and eventually for the earth, itself.
Creating this bright future is the guiding principle of our business, and adds meaning to our operations.
In light of these goals, we'd like to present you with two interpretations of our name, Internationally Local & Company.

The first interpretation translates literally: "internationally local". It can often be difficult to look at the myriad events taking place all over the world and feel any connection to them on a personal level.
This is a great challenge in an ever-more connected world, when circumstances on the other parts of the planet truly do affect everyone, even from very far away.
What would happen if you could consider these far-flung events as though they were taking place in your local community? We created our company name partly in keeping with the notion that our collective future would become brighter if more individuals were able to look at international events and hardships as though they were local, and take action accordingly.

The other interpretation comes froma loose translation of the sound of our company name: InLoCo can be shortened to InLo, and to us, InLo sounds a bit like In-Law, and relates to the first half of our company philosophy.
It is difficult to consider the hardships that people are experiencing all over the world as your own.
What would happen if you could, for a moment, act as though such hardships were happening to your in-laws? This second definition of the company's name is intended to capture our belief that the world could become a much more delightful place if more of us could live and act as though the diffulculties being endured all over the world were happening to own family – we would like everyone to embrace the idea that everyone in our world is part of the same family, and that we should care for one another as such.

The company's t mission is founded upon these two fundamental thoughts. "Creating a delightful world for a brighter future".

We, InLoCo, go on forward with this mission in our heart.

Internationally Local & Company
CEO : Yasu Sasaki

Corporate Philosophy

InLoCo's mission is "creating a delightful world for a brighter future".

We define the state of being able to maintain good physical and emotional health as "the delightful world" and believe that creating the delightful world leads us to the brighter future. InLoCo pursues its ambitious mission by accomplishing small daily tasks towards that end, one at a time.

For emotional health InLoCo aims to enhance public's emotional health by establishing and supporting inspiring environments such as educational institutes where the public can become informed, educated, and excited about their future.
For physical health InLoCo is a big believer of the maxim "You are what you eat". InLoCo encourages and supports the public's good physical health by providing exceptionally fresh, clean, safe, and highly nutritious vegetables grown without any use of harmful chemicals.

InLoCo's first step towards the establishment of the delightful world is catering the healthy and hearty vegetables to your table.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.