Company Profile

Company Name Internationally Local & Company(InLoCo)
Headquarter Office &
the 2nd Plant Factory
339-3 Maezato, Itoman, Okinawa, 901-0362 Japan
The 1st Plant Factory 989-81, Itoman, 1F, Itoman, Okinawa, 901-0361
Phone 098-987-1770
Fax 098-987-1771
Business Details 1. Plant factory development and sales
2. Franchise business
3. Factory vegetable production and sales
President / CEO Yasuhito Sasaki
Date of Establishment August, 8, 2008
Paid-in Capital ¥35,000,000 (as of August, 2008)
Total Area of Plant Factory Approximately 200 ㎡
Crops of Production Ice plant, baby leaf, basil, and other leafy greens
Number of Employees 13 (as of August, 2015)
Trading Partners Aeon Ryukyu Co., Ltd.
Kanehide Shoji Co., Ltd.
Sun-A Co., Ltd.
Consumer’s Cooperative Society Co-op Okinawa
Okinawa-Marudai Corporation
Ryubo Industry, Ltd.
Okinawa Familymart Co., Ltd.
Seijo Ishii Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)
*Other than above, Scheduled shipment to Hong Kong.


Plant Factory No.1

Factory No.1 is constructed for vegetable production and sales. Most of the produce sold within and outside Okinawa prefecture and overseas (i.e. Hong Kong) is grown in this facility.

Plant Factory No.2

Factory No.2 is mainly used for training employees and franchisees. This training facility enables trainees to learn basic and advanced knowledge of plant factory systems, hydroponic vegetable production, and manufacturing processes in order to succeed in plant factory operation.

Plant Factory No.3

Factory No.3 is an experimental complex where new and innovative grow systems and techniques are developed and tested in order to expand our horizons from diverse varieties of vegetables, herbs, fruits, to even fish. Furthermore, one of the four grow units at the No.3 is equipped with solar panels and energy-tracking system to pursue more sustainable and self-reliant growing methods in the plant factory.

Plant Factory No.4

Factory No.4 is built on the site of one of the largest retail complexes in Japan, Aeon Mall Rycom Okinawa, to provide exceptionally fresh produce to customers. It aims to fulfill our goal of "store-production for store consumption".


2008 08 Establishment of the company
2010 01 Commencement of operations at the Plant Factory No.1 in Itoman, Okinawa
04 Going into full swing with plant factory facility development and sales
09 Commencement of sales of produce to one of Japan's major convenience-store franchises
11 Commencement of export sales of produce to Hong Kong
2011 02 Commencement of sales of produce to a major mass retailer
2012 06 Expanding production area
2013 02 Expanding production area
04 Starting commercial production and sales of ice plant and baby leaf
2014 04 Construction of the Pant Factory No.2
08 Exhibition at GPEC 2014 Greenhouse Horticulture & Exhibition / Conference Japan
10 Construction of the Plant Factory No.3
2015 04 Establishment and commencement of sales under our new brand, "Delight Foods"
05 Commencement of operations of the Plant Factory No.4 at Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom

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