InLoCo's Delight Foods delivers delightful and safe food to your table anywhere in the world.


Delight Foods, our brand-name vegetables grown in InLoCo's directly-managed plant factories, are delivered to Okinawa, other parts of Japan, and to several Asian countries.

All the vegetables grown inside InLoCo's plant factories are free of any harmful chemicals such as pesticides. Hygiene inside the plant factories is strictly managed in order to maintain a grow area as free from insects, fungus, bacteria, and germs as possible. Only filtered air can enter the grow area. Furthermore, the workers must wear a clean suit, cap, mask, gloves, and boots, and to go through the air shower before entering the grow area. These clean and safe vegetables are carefully hand-picked on the day of shipment. These processes enable InLoCo to offer clean, safe, exceptionally fresh, and highly nutritious produce.


Vegetables are cultivated in an easy-to-grow environment, so you can enjoy the taste of real vegetables throughout the year.

The plant factory keeps out insects, fungus, bacteria, and germs as much as possible, so no pesticides are needed during production.

Vegetables are grown without soil in a hygienic and controlled environment able to deliver an immaculately clean product.

Product Lineup

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Besides the cultivars listed above,

InLoCo can conduct research to establish a cultivation strategy and to develop a new commercial product with a cultivar of besides the ones listed above, based on which region or country you want to construct a plant factory in and which vegetable cultivars are locally popular and in high demand. Please feel free to ask for a consultation.

* The research and development might require some time.
* Some cultivars might not be suitable for plant factory production, depending on profitability and cultivation requirements.

Market Penetration

Supermarket / General Merchandise Store

  • Aeon Ryukyu Co., Ltd.
  • Kanehide Shoji Co., Ltd.
  • Sun-A Co., Ltd.
  • Consumer’s Cooperative Society Co-op Okinawa
  • Okinawa-Marudai Corporation
  • Ryubo Industry, Ltd.
  • Seijo Ishii Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)

Convenience Store

  • Okinawa Familymart Co., Ltd.


  • Hotel restaurants inside/outside Japan, events etc…


  • restaurants in Okinawa and other prefectures, restaurant overseas.

Online Store

  • InLoCo Store
  • InLoCo amazon

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