Varieties of crops are proven to grow in the first Food Supply Complex in Japan.

Current Approach

InLoCo’s Food Supply Complex is aiming for stable production of varieties of food.


Aquaponics combines fish farming and hydroponic vegetable production to grow vegetables and protein sources in eco-friendly fashion.

This aquaponics plant factory utilizes fish waste water as nutrient solution to grow vegetables organically.

The era of producing tasty strawberries throughout the year has arrived.

This strawberry plant factory enables stable production of high-quality uniformed-size, fragrant, and sweet strawberries year round.


Plenty of sunlight sweetens tomatoes grown.

This sunlight-integrating plant factory utilizes sunlight to effectively grow crops such as tomatoes, asparagus, broccolis, and onions.



Solar-powered plant factory enables off-grid plant factory vegetable production.

This self-powering plant factory enables stable vegetable production in off-grid areas and areas with unstable electricity supply such as remote islands, while keeping running cost down.