InLoCo spreads access to safe and delightful food over the world.

Description of Business

InLoCo is expanding its business horizons in three main areas: plant factory development and sales, franchise businesses, and factory vegetable production and sales.

Equipment Installation

Plant Factory Development and Sales

InLoCo has been successfully operating its vegetable production since the establishment of the company. Thanks to years of experience, many operational and technical improvements have been incorporated into our current plant factory system in order to optimize its operation.
InLoCo proudly offers our accumulated experience, state-of-the-art systems, and flexible and creative design skills to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

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Franchise Business

InLoCo offers franchise business opportunities to kick-start the smooth operation of a successful plant factory.
InLoCo will provide its years of experience to dedicated support each step of the plant factory business, from preparation research to sales of produce.

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Factory Vegetable Production and Sales

InLoCo markets its factory-grown vegetables, Delight Foods, in Okinawa and other parts of Japan, and is currently expanding its business to other Asian countries.
InLoCo has a wide variety of the products available for wholesale, retail, and online.

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Potential Clients

InLoCo welcomes and supports clients from diverse backgrounds such as individual entrants, companies, and research institutions.

  • Business diversification
  • New service / product
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Welfare work (e.g. for the elderly, for the youth, etc.)
  • Inheritance of farmhouse
  • Various research institute
  • etc…

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